Our Students

Our students come from a variety of backgrounds and cultures. At the of the II semester of the year 2017, there were 1365 students at the University representing 21 provinces in Ecuador and 9 countries from North, Central and South America.

Our professors

Scholars and artists from Ecuador and all over the world are part of our community. By the end of 2017, there were 147 professors with Ph.D and Master credentials, also the University welcomes artist with recognized art work to be part of this active community.

Community engagement

The University understands the community engagement as a responsibility and an effective participation right of the University community in social transformation, which strengthens from the processes of teaching and research.

Local artists and colectives

The University recognized and aims to support the local artists and colectives in their process of dialogue with society. The University joins the effort of locals to promote the important of arts and cultural manifestation for social change.

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