(Español) Taller de investigación y capacitación: “Ciudades inteligentes, Ciudades creativas: el papel de las artes en la definición de novedades económico-socio-políticas”

(Español) ¿Es posible a través de las artes cultivar posibilidades de nuevos modos de vida y nuevas producciones en el marco de la sociedad digital? ¿Es posible desarrollar propuestas marcadas en el deseo de contribución, saberes y participación en lugar del impulso al consumo y de la simplificación perceptivo-cognitiva?

Round table discussion: “The role of culture and the arts in times of crisis and transformation in Latin America”

What is the role of culture and the arts in the Latin American socio-political context of change? This was the key question of critical reflection on the activity, analyzing the current context of the complex link between arts, culture and societies in Latin America to trigger a debate about social and political significance on culture … Read more

Round table discussion “From tradition to creation: exploring oral and audiovisual narratives with the Tsachilas”

In the commune of El Poste, located in the province of Santo Domingo, one of the first experimental projects of the Latin American Institute of Arts Research of the University of the Arts of Ecuador was realized.  Exploring a participative methodology of community work that allowed the self-representation narrative from the oral and audiovisual, as … Read more

Workshop “Other textualities: artisan practices and oral tradition kichwa in Canelos”

The Amazonian ceramic tradition is one of the oldest in the Americas and is now one of the most important examples of the intangible cultural heritage of the indigenous Kichwa communities. The role of women in the preservation, innovation and transmission of pottery knowledge is key. She manages to weave, not only the clay, but … Read more

Round table discussion “Interculturality and Arts”

Interculturality is one of the paradigms that support good living, constituting one of the fundamental principles on which the Ecuadorian state is based on through governmental discourse and civil society as a landmark and a reference for the construction of a new proposal of civic coexistence. In some cases, however, more has been written about … Read more

Round table discussion “Research in arts, measuring the circle with a ruler”

La question de la recherche en arts implique quelques absurdités, ce qui nous oblige à réfléchir sur ce qui est la recherche en arts et comment ces processus construisent leurs objets, les concepts et les méthodologies propres qui intéressent à l’enquête, ce qui amène à nous questionner sur l’art, l’économie intellectuelle -sensible à la création, … Read more

Master Lecture: “Culture and social transformation in 21st century democracies”

The master lecture of Juca Ferreira, former Minister of Culture of Brazil during the government of Dilma Rouseff (from 2015 to 2016, when Dilma was deposed), was an activity linked to the creation and inauguration of the Latin American Institute of Research in Arts. Hosting Juca Ferreira and listening to his valuable words on the … Read more